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International Gospel Missions

K.C. George

International Gospel Missions is a Christian faith-based missionary organization that works primarily in the northern part of the nation of India. We have five primary areas of focus: Church Building, Children's Ministry, Bible Schools, Seminars for Leaders...

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Destiny Leadership International

Wade and Linda Thompson

June 2014 - OUR VISION - Equipping, Activating and Releasing - To Equip, Activate and Release all generation into their unique spiritual and emotional growth tracks, so they are able to grasp Biblical principles well enough to implement themin his/her own...

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Maranatha Visvasa Samajam

G. Moses Choudary

July 28, 2014 - The extended summer into July this year caused too much heat in India. It is now cooling off some. Insufficient rains are the concern of us, especially the farmers. The power cuts are every day and a concern as they hurt the industries. Life...

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Gail Stathis

August 2014 - One thing we speak often about when EME missionaries get together is relationship. We want to build relationships, and we want to keep strengthening them with those who share the sense that what we are doing for God's Kingdom is important. And,...

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Echo Ministries

Ed Huie

If I have preached at your church in the past year or so, you've probably heard me talk about Bulgaria, and the incredible story of a church that was literally built on the city dump. This church is...

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Victory International

Gary and Delana Miracle

July 2014 - Pastors Gary and Delana Miracle celebrated 30 years of ministry. Victory International Fellowship - humanitarian work - leadership training - church planting Victory International is a ministry that God is using to...

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Beyond Ourselves-World Outreach Fellowship

Danny and Peggy Thornton

May 21, 2014 - We just wanted you to know how thrilled we were about what God did in Guayaquil (largest city of Ecuador with 2.5 million) with our great team of 8 teachers. BIGGEST training ever with DOUBLE the size: 672 students form 121...

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Next Generation Ministries

Preston Smith

January 2014 - This is the church we built in Kigali, Rwanda. The Pastor, John Mulisa, is my son on the Gospel. I have been developing his skills since 2005. The church building is far along and we will start interior rooms soon. Click for facebook link for...

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Missionaries to Asia

Clint Taylor

July 2014 - Missionaries to Asia held their first Discipleship Conference in Calcutta, India. The main focus of the conference was concentrated on the strengthening of the present operating churches. Emphasis was also on much needed evangelism to reach the...

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Scott and Laura Martin

Scott Martin

We wanted to let you know that after four years in Israel we are coming home on a furlough year starting in August 2014-June 2015.   We would love to have a chance to come and share with you what is happening in Israel. If you are...

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Spirit and Truth

Randy and Donna Denton

June-July 2014 - More Demand Placed on Feeding Programs as Summer season brings more children in need of meals. For the many children living in our area along the northern border of Mexico, summer may mean...

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Refuge Christian Ministries

Dr. Paul and Marcy Olson

April 1, 2014 - Well, time is winding down here in Guatemala. This afternoon we head back to Guatemala City, and tomorrow we fly back to the USA. We leave with mixed emotions, looking forward to seeing friends and family back home, but not wanting to leave...

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Christ Commission for Romania

John and Viorica Dolinschi

March 2014 - We have set up a new school to teach new converts and church members how to discover their prime ministry gifts. We encourage them to become partakers of His church by becoming His witnesses, His shepherds, and messengers of diverse callings. The...

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Joel Bukenya

Joel Bukenya

Joel Bukenya in Uganda has an urgent prayer request. "The land next to our church in the suburbs of the capital city is for sale and the owners are believers and they wouldn't like to sale it to their competitors who want to use it for building a bar for evil...

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Manna of Life Ministries

Edward and Esmelda Champagne

January 10, 2014 - On behalf of our brethren from Mexico and Nicaragua, as well as Manna of Life Ministries, we thank you for your prayers that helped us to be Jesus extended Hands in taking His Light and love to this dark world. In Nicaragua, we were...

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Gospel Ministries International

Ghiorghi and Cristina Cazacu

August 2014 - We want to thank you for the opportunity to stand alongside you as you enable us to go and minister the Gospel of the Kingdom of God even in other parts of the world. We are so very thankful for those who pray for us even though you cannot...

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Doctors On Mission

Rik Celie

Time flies so fast… In my previous newsletter, I was talking about the dramatic circumstances and consequences of Super Typhoon Hayan when I was working in the Philippines to help out a missionary on several islands where no medical professionals had...

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Holy Land Ministries

Dave and Lois Garrison - Ron and J.J. Armstrong

August 2014 - "I was reminded recently that it may have taken Noah as long as 120 years to build the ark. For some reason it made a real impression on me. While I would never put the construction and operation of the Bethlehem Christian Academy on the level...

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Carpenter Ministries

James and Pam Clayton

September 2014 - We will be heading back to Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, South Dakota. As you will remember, we began wiring for the White Eagle Christian School last May. Because of lack of funds we were unable to complete the project. This must be...

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Chairman's Note


Posted on: Aug 20, 2014

It is difficult to put into words the incredible experience at the WME Global Roundtable in Indianapolis! The thing of course that mattered most to me was the awesome presence of God in all of the sessions. Dale Yerton came to me after the first night and said, "What happened to me tonight was worth the trip!" When a seasoned man of God...

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Posted on: Jul 2, 2014

It is very difficult to describe the emotions that Carol and I felt last Friday as our oldest daughter, Annette Boorman, Senior Team Leader, for Mission of Hope, Haiti, gave the commencement address at the high school graduation of 197 seniors in French, the national Haitian language. Present in this room also was my oldest granddaughter,...

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Member Events and Conferences

Souls' Harbor 9th Annual Missions Conference, September 6-8, London, Kentucky, Pastor Ronnie and Patty Ball. Missionaries, please call Souls' Harbor to register for the conference at 606-878-8453. Everyone welcome to attend at no cost. Guest Speakers are Alan Bray and Ron Harris. Visit Souls' Harbor for details.

Revival Temple Missions Weekend, September 27-28. Register at Guest Speakers are Mile Mille, Kemp Holden, and Macel Ely. Hosted by Pastor Wes Courtney, Revival Temple, Walker, Louisiana.

Jerusalem 2015 - Empowered 21 is a Kingdom initiative served by Oral Roberts University. All info and details at Guest Speaker includes Gail Stathis, EME Ministries and many others. May 20-25, 2015.

MISSION TRIPS - October 4-11, Guatemala: minister training, orphanage ministry, medical clinics / November 10-14 Honduras / ongoing plans in 2015 for China late April / Indonesia, early April / Mongolia, July 1-11. Email Mark Simpson at River of Life Ministries.

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